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11 S Palouse St.

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Brews Cruise is a mobile brewery tour company providing educational tasting tours to local craft breweries. Brews Cruise offers an exclusive tour experience for those seeking a fun way to learn how craft beer is created and meet the fine folks who work hard to produce beer locally.

Learn the process of how beer is made from grain to glass, the difference between beer styles, and how to properly taste the beer. Whether you are an avid homebrewer looking to be inspired or a craft beer novice who wants to understand the difference between a lager or an ale, we have the tour for you! So sit back, relax, and enjoy your cruisin’ experience, because we do the driving for you. Cruises typically stop at three local breweries, and you leave with a better understanding of the creative process behind beer production. And for those of you who like to get some exercise between beers, we also offer walking tours at some locations.

In addition to offering an array of public tours, we specialize in corporate groups, private tours, parties, and everything in between. Please visit any of our Brews Cruise sites to book your tour today. Please note each Brews Cruise location has its own calendar, schedule, and reservation guidelines.


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