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Walla Walla Breakfast Restaurants

Rise & Shine

Start each day in Walla Walla the right way with breakfasts from an assortment of tasty, welcoming restaurants. From open counter cafes serving up morning staples to modern creations delivering new takes, waking up here is a food-lover’s dream.

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Bacon & Eggs

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Bacon & Eggs is more than a breakfast mainstay. It’s your new favorite breakfast joint in downtown Walla Walla, WA.
The owners are Michelle and Michelle… and no, we didn’t mess that up. There’s Front of the House Michelle, who you’ll see behind the bar on any given visit whipping up delicious Victrola espresso concoctions and breakfast cocktails for thirsty, bleary-eyed patrons. And there’s Back of the House Michelle, who runs the exceptionally consistent kitchen and churns out inspired Migas, over-the-top French Toast, and the most sensational Breakfast Sandwich in the history of Breakfast Sandwiches. No exaggeration.

Every dish is made from scratch in the Bacon & Eggs kitchen, a testament to the love The Michelles have of finding, making, and sharing REALLY good food. The Farm-to-Table movement and sustainability are evident on the menu, with just about anything that can be locally grown and family farmed.

Bacon & Eggs serves hard alcohol at 8 am, but they’re also incredibly family friendly. Their staff arrives at tables-with-kiddos armed with coloring sheets and plastic utensils, an assortment of crayons, and the occasional sticker book or other activity from Book & Game down the street. Regular patrons who add to their families are often surprise-gifted Bacon & Eggs tiny onesies, and the Michelles never fail to drop by a table with kids to say hello.

They’re also incredibly pet-friendly, though furry-friends are relegated to the outdoor seating area. Speaking of which, the outdoor patio was expanded in 2020 to include a charming street-ery where diners can sit under the shade of colorful orange umbrellas to savor their breakfast as well as engage in some delightful people-watching of Walla Walla’s vibrant downtown.

Show up early on the weekends to enjoy a seasonally-appropriate fresh pastry (cinnamon rolls, scones, etc.). Our go-to breakfast is the Papas Pastores (do yourself a favor and add a couple of scrambled eggs), but we’ve been known to dabble in Breakfast Sandwiches, Benedicts, and custom-to-order scrambles a time or two. The menu is very vegetarian and vegan friendly, and there’s a salsa and hot sauce wall that will have spicy-stuff aficionados drooling and subsequently reaching for their water glasses. Bacon & Eggs also serves lunch from 11am-2pm on weekdays, with hearty sandwiches and salads to compliment the delicious-anytime breakfast menu that is served all day.
Indulging in a breakfast cocktail? The Morning Paper – it’s not what it sounds like – is a favorite, and Front of the House Michelle makes the world’s best French75… though we haven’t traveled the ENTIRE world to prove that statement. Visiting with friends? Order up a round of French Toast Shots… just trust us on this one.

On weekends, you can expect a line of 10-20 people by the time Bacon & Eggs opens at 8 am, but you can make a reservation in advance by calling ahead. We recommend a reservation if you’re planning to dine with more than 4 people, but lucky two-tops can often snag a seat at the bar without too much of a wait.

Whether you have an appetite for a hearty breakfast with a hand-crafted espresso on the side, brunch with cocktails, or a weekday lunch on one of the cutest outdoor patios in downtown Walla Walla, Bacon & Eggs should be on your itinerary. You’ll leave full, perhaps pleasantly tipsy, and for sure having made a new friend or two out of the friendly staff.

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