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Hiking In Walla Walla

…trip, section hike, or full thru-hike of the trail, check out trail maps and town guides at

Mill Creek and Bennington Lake

Just five miles out of…

Parks & Outdoor Recreation

…enjoy any number of incredible hikes, or see the Valley by bike.

Walla Walla also has some great parks for relaxation or recreation; pickleball anyone? Fort Walla Walla Park…

Hiking in Walla Walla

…and the Blue Mountains. Whether you’re after beginner trails or routes that might leave you sore the next day, Walla Walla has a hike for every occasion. Explore hike itineraries…

Outdoor Recreation


Hikes & Trails

First on the list is Palouse Falls State Park. Just over an hour drive north of Walla Walla and at 198 feet tall, the cataract…