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Little Theatre of Walla Walla

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Little Theatre of Walla Walla

1130 Sumach St, Walla Walla, WA 99362
(509) 876-2316

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The Little Theatre has a rich 75 year legacy of offering a full spectrum of live theatre, everything from Broadway musicals and serious dramas to sophisticated comedies and children’s theatre outreach experiences.  Both our audiences and our many volunteers are diverse in every way. The Little Theatre was built to serve as a place of opportunity for people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, and skills to participate and learn about live theatre at every level. Through community theatre involvement and children’s theatre outreach, theatre cultivates a love of the arts, helps teach life skills, develops confidence, and creates a robust sense of belonging…all of which effect and promote health in both individuals and a community.  The Little Theatre will charm you immediately.  It is historic, intimate, and full of unbelievable talent. This is the hidden gem of the Valley as a volunteer-driven organization that operates professionally with a large amount of fun and is part of what makes our community great.


For more information and the latest happenings please visit,  the Little Theatre FB page, or Little Theatre Instagram.

Call our main office at 509.876.2316 or email the Managing Director, Mikki Jones, to find out more about how to volunteer, make donations, and learn about upcoming events.