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Armstrong Family Winery

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Armstrong Family Winery

14 W Main St, Walla Walla, WA 99362
(509) 524-8494

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Armstrong Family Winery

*New Location Coming soon*

**We have closed our downtown tasting room and will be moving to our farm north of town later in 2023. During the transition, we will be having special events and pop-up tastings at the farm on the first weekend of each month beginning in April and additional special events. Please email to inquire about scheduling and availability. We look forward to seeing you at the farm!**

Part of what attracted us to wine is the fact that every wine is so unique. Each bottle, in fact, has a unique story beginning in the vineyard and ending in the glass of the ones enjoying it. In between, the wine is influenced by a myriad of factors, from the soil and weather to the people, equipment, and methods used to transform the grapes into wine. There are literally hundreds of decisions made along the way and each decision contributes to the end product.

We appreciate the fact that no two wines are ever quite the same. That’s what makes wine so fascinating. It also helps guide our approach to winemaking.

We believe every vintage, every variety calls for winemaking that brings out the unique flavor and characters of those particular grapes. So, while we are influenced by our first wine love, the wines of Bordeaux, we like to think our approach is Bordeaux-inspired rather than Bordeaux style.

We see our winemaking role more as a caretaker than a creator, safeguarding the wellness of the fruit as it undergoes the fermentation process with minimal intervention.

And in the end, we enjoy tasting each bottle and thinking about the life of the wine, from vine to glass – knowing that the same bottle enjoyed at a different time would offer an experience slightly different. That our experience with that wine, together at that moment, is truly unique.

We hope you enjoy your experience with these wines as much as we do.



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