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DW Distilling is Crafting Award-Winning Brandy from Local Wines!

Calling all spirit lovers; DW Distilling needs to be on your shortlist for your next visit to Walla Walla! This small-batch craft distillery specializes in producing brandy, and was just named the number-one craft brandy distiller in the country by USA Today in their 10Best Readers’ Choice award (read the full article on that here)!

This fascinating operation is located in the Airport District, a former World War II airfield, and is packed with historical artifacts, news clippings, and memorabilia from the era. Stop here for a tasting and you’ll be charmed by the history, the people, and (of course), the brandy.

So what exactly is brandy, anyways? Well, as you’ll learn at your tasting, brandy is a liquor that’s produced by distilling wine; and at DW Distilling, they make theirs by distilling only local Walla Walla Valley wines, making the brandy truly exceptional. They work with about a dozen wineries, and because they’re making the brandy from already-produced drinkable wine, the brandy is aged twice, which adds to the quality of the product.

When you visit, you’ll get a tour of the production area where all the brandy is made, and prepare to get an education! (We are firm believers that education that involves imbibing is always the best type of learning). 

Each type of brandy DW produces is labeled with the winery that the base wine came from. Prepare to taste through them all and be amazed by how different they are! Owners Craig and Keith walk you through a tasting, where you’ll try each brandy on its own and then with a little water added. Similarly to whiskey, the addition of water “opens up” the brandy and really allows you to take in the flavor of the spirit. At the end of your tasting you’ll get to try a mini brandy cocktail. We opted for their Sidecar (brandy, lemon juice, and simple syrup) and it tasted like an adult version of lemonade that you could sip on all afternoon (yum)!

The tasting room pays homage to World War II fighter pilots and the history of the Airport District. Craig and Keith say that many visitors share stories with them about their own family WWII heroes, and many tender moments have been shared in this space.

DW Distilling is open Friday and Saturday from 1pm to 5pm. Visit their website to check current hours, offerings, and events. 

By: Stephanie Forrer

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