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Walla Walla Guitar Festival

4 days, 45 acts, in 14 venues, in Downtown Walla Walla! The 13th annual Walla Walla Guitar Festival is coming up this March. Thursday, March 7 – Sunday, March 10, 2024 is bound to be a rockin’ time. There’s nothing that can replicate the feeling of a live performance; the energy of the performers and … Read More

Terry Martin & Ken Melhus: Harmony in custom guitars

By Vicki Hillhouse Terry Martin and Ken Melhus spent years between them playing guitars before they combined forces to make them. At their Walla Walla Guitar Company, their expertise in design, manufacturing and a love of music is behind their business’s mission to “create instruments that are visually exciting, unique and play like an old … Read More

Sweet Summer Nights at The Milton Freewater Drive-In Theater

Summer nights are lovely in the Walla Walla Valley. If you’re looking for a fun activity that the whole family will enjoy, then look no further than the Milton-Freewater Drive-In Theater! Just a few minutes from downtown Walla Walla, this drive-in theater provides a delightful blend of modern convenience and old-fashioned charm.  General Admission is … Read More

Penny Michel: Unearthing a vision

By Vicki Hillhouse There’s a reason Penny Michel’s ceramic sculptures often look as if they could have been part of an archaeological discovery. The lines, textures, shapes and figures in her pieces are inspired by a childhood among Roman and Phoenician ruins in Carthage, Tunisia. A resident artist at Telander Gallery, she started in ceramics … Read More

Squire Broel: Honoring the voice within

By Vicki Hillhouse Painter and sculptor Squire Broel isn’t concerned whether people always understand the intent behind his abstract works. “I used to think about making art that people could engage with, and I finally got to a place where I realized I wanted to make work that was a true expression of my feelings,” … Read More

Tricia Harding: The paper engineer

By Vicki Hillhouse Tricia Harding works with paper the way other artists might work with paints. She uses different kinds of paper — some collected in her travels, some purchased for her by loved ones and some of it handmade in her studio — to create small, often abstract, works as a recreation or reflection … Read More

Diego Perez: Shattering rules

By Vicki Hillhouse Diego Perez is what you’d get if you crossed Caravaggio with acid humor. His paintings start with real aspects of everyday life and writhe into his humorous or ironic twists — all in an oil paint tradition fused with dramatic light. “I love the classic art,” he says. “I grew up with … Read More

Kim Nemeth: The wonders of weaving

By Vicki Hillhouse “There’s only so many ways you can make a scarf.” Fabric artist and weaver Kim Nemeth had made and sold enough of her meticulously crafted neck pieces and other worn items that she wondered what — if anything — to do next with her loom. “I kind of got burned out on making … Read More