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The Market By Andy’s is Your One-Stop Shop for Healthy Smoothies, Sandwiches, and More!  

The Market by Andy’s opened in early 2020 in the Showroom on Colville and quickly became a staple in the downtown community with its fresh smoothies, juices, and sandwiches. A modern extension of their full grocery store in College Place, The Market by Andy’s is a 1,500-square-foot haven for the health-conscience, the vegan, or simply –  the hungry.

Though the original concept was simply to be a small grocery store offering fresh ingredients, it’s the juice and smoothie bar that keeps the small but mighty health store almost constantly abuzz with customers. The most popular items on the menu? The Blue Magic Smoothie – mango + pineapple + banana + coconut water + blue spirulina, and The Wise Saige Juice – pineapple + pear + apple + beet + ginger + lime. (The Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie is also delicious and makes for the perfect guilt-free dessert!)

Pro-tip: Call in your juice or smoothie order in advance if you’re in a hurry and it will be waiting for you when you arrive!

Fresh fruits and veggies also make up a large portion of the offerings at Andy’s, providing ingredients at a higher quality than was previously available in the downtown corridor. If you’re in need of beautiful greens for a salad, or some veggies to go with your hummus – look no further. “We filled a need that this community had,” says owner Vicki Zanes, whose grandparents opened the original Andy’s Market grocery store in 1968.

The Market by Andy’s also offers a wonderful selection of nutritious sandwiches and soups that are great for grab-and-go. The sandwiches are made fresh daily at Andy’s Market and delivered and stocked every morning. Vegan, vegetarian, and meat options are available. The soups change daily, and there is always both a meat and vegan option. 

Andy’s has a great selection of specialty cheeses, healthy snacks, gluten-free crackers, and other delightfully yummy things to keep your hunger at bay while you wine taste. Many wineries do not serve food, but a large portion of them do allow you to bring in outside food. We highly recommend checking with the wineries before your visit on their food policy so that you may plan accordingly. 

Whether it’s a vitamin-packed juice to start your day, a wine-tasting snack, or some fresh produce for the meal you’re going to whip up at your Airbnb, The Market by Andy’s is your one-stop shop.

The Market by Andy’s

130 E Rose St #101

Walla Walla, WA 99362

By: Stephanie Forrer

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