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36149 US-12, Dayton, WA 99328
(509) 337-6457

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Driving down Highway 12, through the rolling dun-colored fields of southeastern Washington, you see a stand of green up ahead. It’s not a mirage. It’s Lewis and Clark Trail State Park.

A lush oasis on an arid landscape, this park beckons to weary travelers. Pull off the road, set up your tent or RV and prepare to relax. Amble down the shaded trails for a wade or dip in the Touchet River; identify long-needled ponderosa pine, alder, maple and cottonwood trees and do some birdwatching (for common mergansers, red-tailed hawks and orange-crowned warblers, among others). Or catch a few fish for your evening meal.

Before you turn in for the night, consider that this was the spot where the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery camped in spring 1806, on their way home from their Pacific Coast odyssey.

Whether you’re taking a quick stop or a longer retreat, you will leave refreshed and ready to beat the heat once again.


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