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Blend Your Own Bottle at Northstar Winery

Blend Your Own Bottle at Northstar Winery

There are a lot of opportunities for wine tasting and tours here in the Walla Walla Valley; but did you know you can actually blend your very own bottle at Northstar Winery? Whether you’re an expert or a novice, this is an activity that any wine lover will love. This 90-minute experience will take you from the vineyard all the way to bottling your blend, and you’ll get an education in grape growing, winemaking, and the Walla Walla Valley’s rich wine and agricultural history. 

You’ll start with a glass of rosé in the vineyard where your guide will lead you through the history of Northstar and Northstar’s grape growing process. The winery specializes in Merlot, which is what is planted in the vineyard on site that you’ll get a tour of.

From there, you’ll head to the production facility where you’ll be educated on their wine-making process. The Northstar set-up is quite impressive, with the ability to produce up to 18,000 cases a year. You’ll actually get to walk onto the production floor and get up close and personal with all of the tanks and fermenters (which makes for lots of great photo opps)!

Onward to the barrel room where hundreds upon hundreds of barrels of wine are in the aging process. The education continues as your knowledgeable guide explains how long they age certain wines, and answers any questions you may have along the way.

Your next stop is the blending room where you’ll learn about the Columbia Valley and all of its AVAs. Then it’s time to blend your very own bottle by pulling wines from the barrels lining the back wall.

Taste through the wines and make notes of what you do and don’t like. You’re provided with  glasses, beakers, and measuring utensils so you can create your very own red wine blend.

Once you’ve created your perfect blend then it’s time to bottle and cork your wine! Remember, there is no wrong formula here for your unique blend – the only criterion is that you love it! Once your blend is in the bottle, it’s time to create your label – as no wine bottle is complete without one. Your wine is now ready to be taken home and enjoyed at your leisure!

The Northstar Blending Experience is offered Thursday through Sunday. Groups are limited to no more than ten so you can expect an intimate experience. You can book your reservation here.

By: Stephanie Forrer

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