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Movie Crush Walla Walla: A Celebration of Independent Cinema and Community

For several years, the Walla Walla Movie Crush has been delighting film enthusiasts and filmmakers alike, bringing a vibrant mix of independent short films to downtown Walla Walla. The historic Gesa Power House serves as the perfect venue for this weekend-long event, filled with interactive sessions with filmmakers, welcome and happy hour receptions, and an exciting awards ceremony that concludes the festivities.

At the start of the event, patrons come together to savor the local wine offerings and mingle, eagerly anticipating the start of the screenings. 

One of the unique aspects of the Walla Walla Movie Crush is the opportunity for patrons to interact with filmmakers. Special sessions allow attendees to gain insights into the filmmaking process, ask questions, and discuss the inspiration behind the featured films. This personal touch creates a deeper connection between the audience and the creative minds behind the screen.

As the weekend progresses, the excitement builds, culminating in the highly anticipated awards ceremony. Patrons play a vital role in determining the winners, as they cast their votes for their favorite short fims. The tallying of votes adds an element of suspense to the ceremony, where filmmakers eagerly await the recognition of their artistic endeavors.

Beyond the joy of celebrating cinema, the Walla Walla Movie Crush serves a greater purpose. The event’s proceeds go towards supporting The Red Badge Project, an organization with a noble mission. The Red Badge Project aids Wounded Warriors on their journey to reconstruct their sense of purpose and self-worth, encouraging them to share their unique stories and find solace within the community. You can take in the burgeoning creativity here while supporting a noble cause! 

Mark your calendars for the next Walla Walla Movie Crush in July 2024, as we come together to celebrate the magic of storytelling and the spirit of community in the heart of Walla Walla! Over the course of three thrilling days (Friday 7/5/24 – Sunday 7/7/24), the 8th Annual Walla Walla Movie Crush ( will take center stage once again, celebrating American short cinema with a lineup that showcases a diverse selection of independent films that’s sure to captivate audiences with their creativity and storytelling prowess.

This is the perfect summer event for fans of the big screen, and we can’t wait to see you there!

By: Stephanie Forrer

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