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Indoor view of Passatempo Taverna in Walla Walla, Washington


Passatempo Taverna is Walla Walla’s go-to destination for an elevated, yet laid-back dining experience that centers around beautiful and rustic Italian cuisine, historical cocktails, and a true sense of place.

At Passatempo, their to-die-for handmade pasta and seasonally-inspired secondi dishes that will knock your socks off. For those with dietary restrictions, a very accommodating kitchen will leave meat off a dish or make simple substitutions with a smile. Bring friends, order several appetizers and main courses, then share. The food is so good, you won’t want to be limited to just one dish!

Reimagined as Passatempo Taverna, the nearly century-old “Pastime Café” has a storied history worth exploring if you’re the type to geek out on history. Founded as a cigar shop in 1920, the business was purchased by Louis Fazzari and Sam Mele in 1925, and food was introduced in 1932. The Pastime survived and even flourished through the Great Depression and both World Wars, expanding to include a full kitchen and private “Venetian Room” in 1949. 

Decade after decade, family, friendship, and community has been a common theme. Today, Passatempo Taverna honors this legacy with their deep connections to local purveyors and farmers. The menu regularly features the bounty of local growers like Hayshaker Farm and Frog Hollow Farm, fruits from Edwards Family Farm and Calhoun Family Farm, eggs from Hacienda Zaragoza, and famous Walla Walla Sweet Onions from Locati Farms. The Large Plates menu features steaks from Double R Ranch. Even the flour used in Passatempo Taverna’s handmade pasta hails from Small’s Family Farm.  

Passatempo Taverna is more than a charming rustic restaurant tucked into a historic corner of downtown Walla Walla. They are also actively involved in giving back to the local community. Never was this more on display than during the onset of the pandemic, when they launched their “Pay-It-Forward’ lasagna campaign. Patrons could purchase an absolutely delicious lasagna to enjoy at home, and proceeds would fund free meals to anyone working for local hospitality businesses or on the frontlines in health care or medical services.

So when you visit Walla Walla, make plans to dine at Passatempo Taverna for a taste of history, a sense of community, and charming ambience. Enjoy a handmade pasta dish  or two. Whimsical cocktail creations and craftsmanship are on display with signature menu staple cocktails as well as rotating featured beverages. There’s also an extensive, impressive wine list, with standout featured wines from The Walls. Passatempo Taverna accepts reservations up to 3 months in advance, so plan ahead for your stay in Walla Walla and lock in your dinner plans now!