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Walla Walla Itinerary - Wine Valley

Wine + Adventure in Walla Walla Itinerary: Day Two

Day one of our Walla Walla itinerary was about getting into town, getting settled, and getting rested up for a great day in Walla Walla Wine Country. Start day two of your Walla Walla itinerary with the most important meal:

Breakfast at Bacon & Eggs

(it’s more than a breakfast mainstay, and they serve hard alcohol at 8 am).


Michelle & Michelle run this incredible breakfast/brunch joint. Front of the House Michelle makes the best French75 we have ever consumed in triplicate (did we mention they serve hard alcohol at 8 am?), and Back of the House Michelle runs an exceptionally consistent kitchen that churns out inspired Migas, over-the-top French Toast, and the most sensational Breakfast Sandwich in the history of Breakfast Sandwiches.


Show up early on the weekends to enjoy a seasonally appropriate fresh pastry (cinnamon rolls, scones, etc.). Our go-to breakfast is the Papas Pastores (do yourself a favor and add eggs), but we’ve been known to dabble in Breakfast Sandwiches, Benedicts, and custom-to-order scrambles a time or two. 


The Morning Paper (it’s not what it sounds like), the above-mentioned French75, and French Toast Shots… not necessarily in that order.

Plan to Spend: $60

Heads up:

There’s a line out the door from the time they open at 8 am until roughly 11 am, so get in early if you don’t want to wait too long for your breakfast.

Shop Downtown

From a throwback record store to home goods, books and toys to fashion and more, there’s something for everybody downtown! Whether you’re looking for a handmade accessory to compliment your dinner attire, need to bring home gifts for the kids, or would like to get lost in a vacation-worthy novel over the weekend, $150 can go a long way!

Take a left out of B&E:
Studio Opal
Walla Walla Clothing Co.
the Showroom on Colville

Then, cross Main Street:
Hot Poop
Book & Game
Sweet Water Paper Company

Plan to spend: $150


Fuel up for the afternoon of your Walla Walla itinerary with a stop at the Colville St. Patisserie. A handcrafted latte, Walla Walla Roastery cold brew, or hot cocoa with homemade whip cream + a savory or sweet treat is just what you’ll need to face the rest of the day.


Play 9 holes of golf at Wine Valley. You’ll hate us for suggesting it.

Walla Walla Itinerary - Wine Valley
Can’t getaway just yet? Download this image for your Zoom Virtual Background and “tele-zoomute” to Walla Walla!

The course:

Dan Hixon design, beautiful rolling hills, multiple lines of play, and what one avid golfer described to us as “greens as hard as concrete” to test your putting skills. If you are “long and wrong”, you might need to buy an extra sleeve of golf balls, as traipsing through the fescue to find an errant drive will add precious hours to your playing time! If you aren’t that long, never fear – the fairways are kept in excellent condition and you’ll get a ton of roll from a well-placed drive. 

Plan to spend: $150-200

Heads up: 

Don’t pass on the cart. This course is looooooooooooong.

What’s a Walla Walla Itinerary without wine tasting?

Walla Walla Itinerary - Long ShadowsAfter whacking around in the fescue for the past 2+ hours, unwind and relax while experiencing the beauty of the scenery (and the incredibly age-worthy wines) at Long Shadows Vintners.

Quick history:

Founded by Washington State wine visionary Allen Shoup, Long Shadows Vintners is a collection of ultra-premium Columbia Valley wines that are crafted by some of the world’s most legendary winemakers, including director of winemaking and viticulture Gilles Nicault, Phillipe Melka, Randy Dunn, and Michel Roland.  

Wines you won’t want to miss: 

You can’t go wrong with any of them, and the Portfolio Tasting includes a sampling of all their available wines. Our personal favorites are the Poet’s Leap Riesling and Sequel Syrah.

Plan to Spend: $100**

**Assuming you’ll purchase 3-4 bottles. There is a $20 tasting fee, which is refundable with your purchase of $40 or more.

Heads up: 

Reservations at Long Shadows are required, so book the last tasting (at 4pm) in advance.


It’s a Walla Walla mainstay, and for good reason.

Brief History:

After missionaries Marcus and Narcissa Whitman met an untimely death in 1847, Walla Walla locals refused to let them fall into oblivion, using the Whitman name on businesses and sites throughout the valley. In 1927 a luxury hotel was planned in Walla Walla, and naturally, it was named for Marcus Whitman. The Marcus Whitman drew presidents, celebrities and dignitaries with its elegant rooms, friendly service and famous restaurant. At the turn of the 21st century, a major renovation touched up the Marcus Whitman as well as its restaurant of the same(ish) name – historic downtown with a current vibe and over-the-top menu! 


Recently awarded “Restaurant of The Year” by the Washington Wine Commission, The Marc Restaurant is Walla Walla’s top destination for wine-paired dining. Six (yes, you read that correctly) in-house chefs prepare a diverse selection of the Pacific Northwest’s delicacies seven days a week. Menu stand-outs include seasonally coveted such as jumbo diver scallops with risotto, wild spinach, and roasted peppers; Wagyu boneless short ribs with roasted carrots, Italian sweet peas, and caramelized sweet onion jus; and New York strip steak with potato puree, garden carrots, mushroom ragoût, and truffle-infused hollandaise.


Make a glass of local wines the star of your dinner at the Marc Restaurant. Select one (or two!) glasses from a winery you won’t be able to visit during your tasting excursions so that you can enjoy a comprehensive selection of what the valley has to offer!

Plan to spend: $150

…and A SHOW

Drive across the border to the M&F Drive-In Theater

Brief History:

Take a quick 10-minute drive into the state of Oregon and you’ll arrive at the M&F Drive-In Theater. Locally owned and operated by Dick and Loretta Spiess and their family since 1961, the M&F Drive-In Theater has provided Walla Walla-area residents and visitors with affordable and charming entertainment for nearly 60 years. It is one of only four drive-in theaters left in the state of Oregon (and only 325 or so remain in the United States). Channel your favorite character from Grease!, rent a convertible for the night if you’re feeling frisky, and make this a must-stop on your itinerary for the nostalgia, if nothing else.

The Schedule:

Every Friday-Monday, the M&F Drive-In Theater features two different movies starting at dusk. Arrive around 7:30 when gates open to get the perfect parking spot, set up your lawn chairs and/or your picnic blanket in the bed of your truck, and grab a snack from their snack bar. 

Plan to spend: $20-30

With Day Two behind you (and what a full day it was!) it’s time to rest up for Sunday, Funday!