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5 Things To Do in Downtown Walla Walla

While our natural beauty draws visitors from miles around, some of Walla Walla’s best features are found in our historic downtown. Unique eateries, quirky shops, local public art, and independent wineries and breweries are the driving force behind the city’s refreshing culture. With so many options, deciding where to start might be tricky.

Well, we’re here to help. Here are five great places to visit in Downtown Walla Walla, whether you’re looking for a quick bite, a personalized poem, or a place to make family memories.

1. Start Your Day at Maple Counter Cafe

They don’t make them like they used to.

Specializing in breakfast and lunch, The Maple Counter Cafe is the beloved product of three generations of family-owned restaurant lineage. Their skillfully crafted bread, locally sourced produce, and quality meats remind customers of the difference it makes with every bite. It’s everything that a genuine, home-cooked meal should be.

2. Receive a Personalized Poem from Till Taylor Poetry

There are days when the streets of Walla Walla are filled with the clatter of typewriter keys, thanks to local poet Till Gwinn.

If you spend enough time wandering through downtown, you’re bound to cross paths with him. When you do, stop, and he’ll weave you the irreplaceable gift of a personalized poem.

3. Treat the Kids to Inland Octopus

If you’re traveling with young ones, make sure to stop by Inland Octopus, the Pacific Northwest’s premier toy shop.

With a slogan like “A Toy Shop as it was meant to be,” rest assured that parents will find just as much nostalgic joy as their kids during a visit to this lively downtown shop. There’s something for everyone within the walls of Inland Octopus, from board games to Lego sets, model rockets to musical instruments, and gag items to toy cars – it’s a must-see.

4. Take a Stroll to Walawála Plaza

Walawála Plaza is a source of local pride in downtown Walla Walla. Once a road leading to the intersection of Main Street and First Avenue, the space was officially transformed and opened in May 2023 as a permanent community plaza outfitted with public seating in the heart of the city’s most popular dining and shopping areas.

The space is also of cultural significance. The plaza recognizes the grounds as a historic gathering place of the Cayuse and Walla Walla people, with several design and public art elements that pay tribute to the region’s indigenous peoples.

5. Grab a Bite at Sweet Basil Pizzeria

A tried-and-true favorite of Walla Walla Valley, Sweet Basil Pizzeria has been bringing local, hand-tossed New York-style pizza – and much more – to the Pacific Northwest for 16 years now.

Their location in Walawála Plaza makes it the perfect stop to cap off a day exploring downtown with a bite and a beer on their outdoor patio. From a diverse list of mouth-watering 18” pizzas to scrumptious calzones and authentic stromboli, you can’t go wrong at Sweet Basil.