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Heritage Square

Summer in Walla Walla

What’s happening during June, July & August:

Magnificent sunsets grace the skies throughout the summer, providing a colorful backdrop to the many musical experiences in the Valley. From the nearly month-long Walla Walla Chamber Music Festival in June to the weekly performances in wineries and new Heritage Square, as well as epic concerts, the hills (and streets and barrel rooms and driving ranges) come alive with music.

For those who love film (and who’d enjoy a seat in an air-conditioned theater during the heat of July) can experience an “intoxicating” blend of short films at Walla Walla Movie Crush (July 5-7, 2024).

And for those seeking the sound of wine bottles opening, they can immerse themselves in social and educational wine festivities at Celebrate Walla Walla Valley Wine (July 11-13, 2024) and at the Blood of Gods event, a wine meets rock’n’roll and pop art experience (July 20, 2024).


Walla Walla Movie Crush co-founder Warren Etheredge screens more than 2,000 short films every year in preparation for the roughly 100 that make the big screen each July at Gesa Power House Theatre.

The three-day “shorts-travaganza” he puts on with partner Nancy Dragun will have its eighth season in 2024. Not just a curator of film, the Seattle area resident has created a dreamy summertime itinerary after sampling so much of what Walla Walla offers visitors:

Bacon & Eggs: The downtown restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and all-day cocktails at 57 E. Main St. is one of his must-stops in Walla Walla. No trip is complete without breakfast and The Morning Paper, made with gin, St. Germain, fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice and a prosecco float. His dinnertime equivalent is TMACS, where elegantly casual fare, indoor and outdoor dining, and an exquisite bar program rule at 80 N. Colville St.

The community’s charm can be found around every turn through his favorite Walla Walla pastime — walking. Virtually anywhere you may land in town is in proximity to a sight-seeing stroll, from the trails around Mill Creek and Bennington Lake to the municipal aviary at Pioneer Park and downtown lined with historic architecture.

The latter is also a place to explore another favorite feature — an engaging arts scene. More than a dozen sculptures — many manufactured through bronze casting and fabrication by the world-class Walla Walla Foundry — have been installed along a roughly mile-long stretch from the Xeriscape Park at the end of Main Street to Crawford Park just before the road meets Fourth Avenue.

This itinerary and signature summer events get you excited to book your summer trip?