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Tricia Harding: The paper engineer

By Vicki Hillhouse Tricia Harding works with paper the way other artists might work with paints. She uses different kinds of paper — some collected in her travels, some purchased for her by loved ones and some of it handmade in her studio — to create small, often abstract, works as a recreation or reflection … Read More

Diego Perez: Shattering rules

By Vicki Hillhouse Diego Perez is what you’d get if you crossed Caravaggio with acid humor. His paintings start with real aspects of everyday life and writhe into his humorous or ironic twists — all in an oil paint tradition fused with dramatic light. “I love the classic art,” he says. “I grew up with … Read More

Kim Nemeth: The wonders of weaving

By Vicki Hillhouse “There’s only so many ways you can make a scarf.” Fabric artist and weaver Kim Nemeth had made and sold enough of her meticulously crafted neck pieces and other worn items that she wondered what — if anything — to do next with her loom. “I kind of got burned out on making … Read More

Dez’Mon Omega Fair: Navigating life through art

By Vicki Hillhouse Dez’Mon Omega Fair has learned to find harmony in creative mistakes. Immersed in his own world of color and movement when he paints, he finds problems sometimes present themselves in unexpected ways. “Make a mistake and figure out how to navigate that mistake,” he says. “I think it just kind of creates … Read More

Walla Walla Movie Crush: A film festival to swoon over

By Vicki Hillhouse It’s time to roll out the red carpet. Walla Walla’s annual festival of short films comes in for a close-up July 7-9. Walla Walla Movie Crush is a weekend marathon of cinematic shorts. Shown in clusters at Gesa Power House Theatre, the films are meticulously curated into themed blocks. The movies include … Read More

Walla Walla Movie Crush

The Walla Walla Movie Crush showcases the best American short films of the past year. For 2023, the event is being held July 7-9, and it is the perfect excuse for a film-lover’s getaway to Walla Walla, Washington. Walla Walla Movie Crush Weekend Itinerary Walla Walla Movie Crush is a weekend long program broken into … Read More

Mountain Biking Walla Walla

While Washington’s Cascade Range is known internationally as a mountain biking destination, the state’s southeast corner and the town of Walla Walla are becoming popular for a variety of scenic and diverse trails. From the white-knuckle, fall-line single track on Indian Ridge to the undulating terrain at Bennington Lake, there’s something for every level of rider. … Read More

Zac Merten: Mindfulness in making

By Vicki Hillhouse In the woodshop of Walla Walla artist Zac Merten, making furniture is a spiritual experience. The proprietor behind Zac Merten Design traces his woodworking roots all the way back to work as a National Park Service employee. On the backcountry trails, surrounded by mountains and solitude, he developed an interest in the … Read More